Friday, June 15, 2012

Three...three steps

Ok, so thanks for all the help and ideas on coming up with a topic for my blog.


But that's ok. I have had some time to reflect, pray, and listen. I am still not sure exactly what this will look like or how it will turn out, but right now I'm probably going to start rambling.

I think a lot. I ponder what is going on around me, what God is doing, what I should do for Him, how do I become a better wife, a better do I lose weight, decorate my home cheaply, lead people effectively at church, meal planning cheaply, read books, bible study, oh my the list could truly go on... I'm not a perfectionist, but I am an overachiever (are they the same?). If I can't knock it out of the ballpark I don't want to do it (well, I have trouble saying no...which means I'm always trying to knock everything out of the ballpark). And so, because of this awesome God-given character trait (I smile since it is usually managed, inappropriately, by me) I am left feeling very unsatisfied with unfinished projects, unattempted projects or that I have failed in some way. Things have to be awesome all the time. 

Its very draining.

I want things to change. But how much?

I pondered this as I sipped my Mocha Coconut Frappacino on the way home a few days ago.

I want to lose weight. But how much? (again as I sipped my Mocha Coconut Frappacino = 410 calories) I started thinking. I want all the results, but I don't want to work for it. It applies with everything.

I want my children to speak respectfully and too edify each other, but am I practicing this myself.

I want my home to be decorated on a dime, but am I willing to save for deals, and wait?

I want to set aside time to do meal planning, but I do I want to stop watching TV to do it?

Again, the list goes on. So, then what? How bad do I want things to change? I feel like during my prayer time today that God was saying none of it would change until He showed me where I needed to change myself. And I kept feeling that there were three...three steps, but even now I am not sure what those are.

I'm hoping that as my fingers tap on this keyboard that I will receive divine intervention...literally. Still waiting on that. So, until I truly know what it is God is doing, I'm going to read a book called "Only You Can Change Me" by Kay Arthur that I bought a long time ago, and never read. Maybe the three things are in there? And that is what I'm going to blog about.

Got it? Me neither, but I guess it will just look like my journey through what God is doing. I am not sure how often I'll blog, but I hope to do it at least twice a week. Please pray for me as I begin to be more in tune to God and His voice. I know that Satan will be on the prowl. He already is.

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

I enjoy your rambling, Dani. :) I think we are very similar in many of the things you described above. Rambling and posting about random life things is exactly what I do on my blog, so you know I support your idea. :) And it can be a great way for God to work through you!